Get a perfectly natural tan instantly!!!

Full Body Airbrush Tanning

Full Body Airbrush Tanning With a full body airbrush tan, you will look as if you have been kissed by the sun, from head-to-toe. Our airbrush technicians completely customize this service to ensure that you look your absolute best. Your best features will be accentuated, and your imperfections.

Express Full Body

Set Time: 1 Hour to 4 Hours

Rapid Spray tan that allows you to shower off 1 to 4 hours (depends on skin tone) No more waiting 8 hours to shower. Express dries in seconds, leaves skin silky and superbly moisturized after application. Perfect for anyone who needs to look great.


Winter Glow Full Body

Set Time: 1 Hour to 4 Hours

Formulated to give a gentle glow using subtle hits of color that help any and all skin tones appear healthier